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Pick & press: flowers for your wall.


Being Spring, we wanted to share this crafty cleverness, courtesy of Urban Outfitters blog. A new take on pressed flowers – to make framed art for your wall.

You’ll need:

– fresh flowers
– glass & a frame
– paper towels
– books (or something heavy for pressing flowers)
– clear drying glue
– scissors

1. Okay, ready to press some flowers?! It’s super easy. To start, you’ll need to trim down any of the flowers that you want to press. We chose several different colors to keep things vibrant, but obviously anything goes here. Cut the stems as short as possible and remove any leaves as well. You want the flower to be as thin and easy-to-press as possible.

2. Add more flowers as needed! We wanted to fill two frames with flowers so we made sure to have a wide array of flowers to choose from.

3. Once you have your flowers trimmed, lay them out on a paper towel for pressing. Make sure none of the flowers are touching one another.

A fresh take on
pressed flowers.

4. Cover the flowers with another paper towel (or fold one in half) so that they’re completely covered by the paper towel.

5. Put the flowers in between the pages of a heavy book. (Some moisture may leak onto the pages so make sure you’re not using a family heirloom.) If you don’t have one big book, stack smaller ones on top of each other. Let the flowers dry out for at least a week.

6. When a week is up, check your flowers. If all the moisture is gone, then they’re good to go.

7. Gently take them out of the paper towel and decide where you’re going to place them in your glass frame. To hold them in place, use a clear glue to adhere them to the glass, just so they are less likely to slide around.

8. After the flowers are glued on, add on the second piece of glass and slide into your frame.

Thanks, Urban Outfitters, for this great idea.


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