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It's Spring - Come Clean.


Okay, it might feel a bit early, but let’s get a head start on this spring cleaning thing.

Did you ever wonder why the global tradition of spring-cleaning is a spring tradition. Why not Summer cleaning or Autumn cleaning?

It’s probably originated in colder countries when spring meant opening up the windows and doors of homes where people had been cooped up against the elements during a long winter. They emerged, ready for the newness of spring, and someone, blinking against the sunlight flooding the room, said: “Wow, the house is a stuffy mess.” And then they sprang into action.

So don’t break the tradition. Get cleaning, and enjoy the cathartic experience. Look at all your things with new eyes. Find towels that need bleaching. A bottle of bleach costs less than a packet of crisps and it can make everything feel nice again – even stainless steel cutlery that’s gone dull will look new again.

You’re making room for newness in your life.

Find linen that needs fixing. Give it a new edge or hem, it and make lovely cloth serviettes or tea towels. Remove or recycle the broken or threadbare before they clutter your life. Recycle the old stuff and give everything an airing.

Remember to take your winter coats to the dry cleaners when winter’s properly over, and then pack them away out of sight.

Give rugs and mats a good airing – beat that dust out. Donate old clothes that you didn’t wear (yet again) this winter.

The whole experience will be very satisfying psychologically too. A neat, uncluttered home feels like a new start. You’re making room for newness in your life. And that’s exciting.


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