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That's how my mom did it!


Our research team did some in-depth scientific research on mothers recently, and their findings were remarkable. We asked people to tell us what their moms did back in the day, that they now do – simply because that’s how mom did it.

“My mom could wrap school sandwiches in wax paper. I know everyone can, but MY mom was an expert. She could wrap sarmies in record time. I swear she could do it with her eyes closed, with military precision and hospital bed corners.

“Today, I follow her fine example. My sandwich-wrapping standards are high, and my kids are proud.”

We heard so many stories told of mom-traditions passed on – or rejected for newer methods.

“My mom did my hair in plaits, every morning,” said one mom, Kate, aged 36. “Perfect Pocahontas beauties, not too loose, not too tight. I’d do these same plaits with my kids, but I can’t. They’re boys.”

Phumi says: “I swear, my mom could knit with her eyes closed – or at least glued to the TV screen. And she never dropped a stitch. I’ve tried to keep up the knitting thing, but I’m not nearly as good, so hand-knitted kid scarves are what I do.”

So this is a big shout out
to moms, for what they
taught us.

“My mom could parallel park like a boss,” said Kim. She taught me to drive, and now I’m a parallel parking pro as well.”

“My mother was a tea purist, always using a tea pot,“ said Lindi. “You NEVER dip a teabag into a mug of boiled water for 8 seconds.

‘That’s not tea,’ she would say. ‘That’s dirty water.’ But me, I don’t have time for teapots. I’m a teabag dunker.”

“My mom folded socks the old school, proper way,” says Amina. “Folded inside out from the heel. I do that too – when I remember.”

So this is a big shout out to moms, for what they taught us. Thanks, moms everywhere.

And Happy Mothers Day to you all.


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