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The Month of Niceness.


Yes, we know it’s February, and we know about love. And we know the whole Valentine thing is about the romantic kind and not the type of love you have for yoga or a foot massage or Belgian chocolate. It’s the kind that makes your heart do strange things and your mind go a little crazy.

Cynics and scientists will say : Please, that’s not love. That’s just dopamine. It’s just a bunch of chemicals making you crazy. But whatever love is, here’s a good idea:  How about we extend the loving to everyone we’re close to, and would like to hang on to for a while? You know, those people we call our friends. Because maybe a true friendship is every bit as valuable as ‘true love’? And because maybe our friends deserve to be told we’re rather fond of them too.

So this month, do something for a friend that says: You’re special, and I’m glad we’re mates, and thanks for putting up with me.

Celebrate your love of fun, friendship and feasting.


Next time, when a friend leaves a bowl at your house, return it with something in it. Like, say, a chilled burrito salad. Fill it with crunchy corn, broccoli, peas, chopped tomato, brown rice and avocado, a squeeze of lime and chopped coriander. Make it big enough for both of you, and take along some something bubbly to drink.

Make that giant salad disappear. Thank your lucky stars for your friends. Celebrate your love of fun, friendship and feasting.


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