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Bunches of Love. Hydrangeas.


Since it’s the month of love, we have to say, nothing says ‘I love you, bigtime,’ like a bunch of hydrangeas does. Red roses, move over. Thank you.

Some people think hydrangeas are ‘granny flowers,’ but they can look wonderful in a garden as well as in a bowl.

They even make a great dried arrangement, and are easy to grow, because they don’t mind shade – in fact they prefer it.

Everyone has their favourite colour when it comes to these ‘Christmas flowers’. We love the gentle, faded pinks and soft lilac blues.

But white hydrangeas are beautiful, too. And if you’re looking for bold, bright pinks and blues, the clever hydrangea can do that, too.

Red roses, move over please.

If you’ve noticed the different colours, and wondered why there are a variety of shades, here’s an interesting fact: The colour and shade of the hydrangea depends on the acidity or alkalinity of the soil it’s growing in.

The more alkaline your soil, the pinker your hydrangeas will be, and if you want blue hydrangeas, increase the acidity of the soil.

Originating in Asia and the Americas, these flowers like rich, porous, moist soil, so add some compost if your soil is poor, and they need regular watering, because their roots are shallow. Pick a spot that gets some morning sun, and some afternoon shade, and watch them flourish and flower in spring and autumn.

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