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Fondues, rocket, sushi and quinoa. The food trends of the decades.


Once upon a time, there wasn’t a single sushi restaurant in the country. Hard to believe, right? Rocket was just a thing that took astronauts to space, and none of us knew what quinoa was.

Let’s rewind the last few decades of food trends.

The ‘70s gave us muesli, and the fondue trend. Muesli stayed popular; fondues, not so much. Granola became a thing – a ‘hippie’ thing, and it’s still around. Also, quiche arrived!

In the ‘80’s, kiwi fruit burst onto the scene. So did Cajun-style and ‘blackened’ everything, along with fried potato skins and big baked potatoes, crammed with fillings.

The ‘90s brought … drumroll please… tiramisu! It gave us couscous, as well as sun dried tomatoes. And here in the RSA, we started loving Thai food.

So what’s new and trending for the rest of this decade?


By the early 2000s, smoothies had arrived, and the world rejoiced. They’ve been joined by wraps of all kinds, the adoration of avocados, the love affair with bacon, kale and quinoa, the most hipster of all grains.

So what’s new and trending for the rest of this decade? Find out about fermented food, insects, (yes, but you learned to love raw fish, remember?) and sea vegetables, here.


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