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If You’re Happy And You’re Know It, You Probably Ate Something Yellow.


Okay, we know it’s only August, and we bet you haven’t started putting away blankets, heaters and woolly things. But August means Spring is just around the corner.

It’s the month that always brings the first cheerful pops of yellow, in the early spring flowers, and with it come the first rays of spring sun, brightening up everything and banishing unnecessary grumpiness.

Bright cheerful yellow, the colour of sun rays, and the colour of spring, is guaranteed to cheer you up, wake you up and make you feel at least 43% more enthusiastic – although the colour psychologists say too much bright yellow could make you restless and anxious. (Really?)

Wear it if you dare.

Fashion-wise, yellow is not always an easy colour to wear, and is better suited to tanned or darker toned skins. But yellow comes in so many different tones so you can find a shade that suits you.

Yellow food makes us happy.

Okay, all food makes us happy. But yellow food, say the people in white lab coats, makes us the happiest.

Think yellow peppers, courgettes, corn, eggs, cheese, honey, lemon, pineapple, banana.

Think yellow peppers, courgettes, corn, eggs, cheese, honey, lemon, pineapple, banana.

According a study by a free range egg company, eating yellow food releases high levels of ‘happy hormones’ because we associate yellow with positive feelings.

A whopping 70% of respondents tested said yellow foods make them feel happy. 61% said omelettes made them the most cheerful, with macaroni cheese, bananas and pancakes also making the list. If this had been a South African survey, we think bobotie and yellow rice would be up there near the top.

Proof that yellow is your go-to colour for happy eating. Pass the custard, please!


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