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Roasted vegetables and other waist-friendly winter ideas.


Yes, it’s chilly tonight. But no, you don’t need to eat stodgy, sticky meals every time your tummy rumbles, just too keep warm.

Newsflash: we can eat delicious lunches and dinners that are actually not a kilojoule crime scene: roasted squashes, bean stews and meaty soups are all waiting for you to give them the recognition they deserve. Invite them for dinner this winter.

Roast pumpkin and butternut are great winter veggies. Spice up yours with cinnamon and black pepper, sage, or spicy chilli.

And please, don’t risk losing a finger peeling a butternut. If it needs to be peeled before cooking, give it a few minutes in the microwave oven, and the softened skin will be much easier to cut away. Or keep some Natures Garden butternut & sweet potato chunks in your freezer – so easy.

Roast pumpkin and butternut are great winter veggies.

Try this Curried Lentil and Pumpkin Soup, for a meat-free, healthy winter warm-up.

Or how about this recipe for Black Bean Stew with Winter Veggies. It calls for Yukon potatoes. You can use any potato that’s the yellowy fleshed variety, recommended for stews.

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