Life in the kitchen

More series and suppers on the sofa.


Our series expert and discerning critic has recommended more winter watching, paired with the perfect meal.

Try these very popular, critically-acclaimed goodies:

CALL THE MIDWIFE (Long-running)

A long-running show, now on Season 6. This drama series is a moving, funny, colorful look at midwifery and family in 1950s East End London. We follow the lives of a group of nurses, some of them nuns, in a working class neighbourhood. The nurses develop strong friendships in their group as they become involved in the community in which they work. Narrated by the legendary Vanessa Redgrave.

What to eat: There was nothing fancy about post-war Britain. It was all rations and no luxuries, but there was always fish and chips, with mushy peas. Try Jamie Oliver’s version, here.

FARGO (It’s an oldie but a goodie.)

First, watch the original multi-award winning Coen Brothers movie, Fargo (1996). An oldie but a goodie. Set in snowy Minnesota, this is a black comedy crime thriller starring Frances McDormand as the pregnant police chief who investigates roadside homicides linked to the kidnapping of a local woman by thugs that her nervous, blundering husband has hired to do the deed.

An oldie but a goodie.

Then watch FARGO Season 1 (2014) the series spin-off, starring Billy Bob Thornton as bad guy Lorne Malvo who inflicts his nastiness and malice on the citizens of Bemidji, Minnesota, including insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman). There’s a 2nd Season too, and 3rd released soon, so you’ll have a lot of watching to do.

What To Eat? Minnesota’s strong Swedish heritage has helped make Swedish meatballs a favourite in this part of America. It’s comfort food from a place where they know how to keep out the cold. Try it here.

TABOO (2017)

Tom Hardy stars as adventurer James Keziah Delaney, in this BBC television drama. Delaney returns to London in 1814 after twelve years in Africa with fourteen stolen diamonds, following the death of his father, and his aim is to rebuild his late father’s shipping empire. But the government and his biggest competitor want his inheritance at any cost – even murder.

What to eat? We recommend Bubble and Squeak – a great way to use leftovers, and although the name sounds like two scruffy dogs, we like it.

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