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Cocoa and turmeric. The best thing since sliced milk.


Our cocoa expert has been consulted, and has confirmed our findings: Cocoa is the best thing since sliced milk.

She says: ‘I never buy ‘hot chocolate,’ – that pre-mixed instant stuff containing extra mystery ingredients. I buy real, proper cocoa powder, containing nothing but cocoa, and here’s how I make it before bed time:”


First, mix a spoon of cocoa powder (heaped or level, depending on how strong you like it) with a spoon of sugar, in your cup. Make sure the two are well combined.

On the stove or in the microwave oven, heat your milk to a simmer – don’t let it boil. Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of the hot milk to the cocoa and sugar mixture and mix to a smooth paste. Slowly fill the cup with hot milk while blending the milk and cocoa mix.

Sweet dreams.

A bit of sugar mixed in with the cocoa powder makes it so much easier to mix into a small amount of milk.

And you know, it IS true: hot milk really does help you sleep better.

Our foodie trend watchers have also told us about another of the hottest bedtime drinks: Turmeric milk. Yes, it’s yellow, but so are banana-flavoured milkshakes, so keep your mind open. Read about turmeric’s amazing health benefits and then try this recipe.

Our cocoa consultant has defended her choice of the old fashioned, brown bedtime drink, but we say: try both, you decide – and let us know. Sweet dreams.

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