Life in the kitchen

Let's bring potatoes, pasta, rice, chips and bread in from the cold.


Yes, we know – you’ve become afraid to eat carbs because someone said they’re the work of the devil. Oh, the guilt! The shame!

Except, the thing is, we know lots of fit, healthy people who eat rice, potatoes, pasta, even (gasp) chips – in sensible portions, of course – and they’re doing just fine.

Some have even won Olympic medals, or conquered the highest peaks. Many carb-lovers who live well into their 90s and beyond can be found basking on sunny terraces in Mediterranean countries where no one of sound mind would dream of banning pasta or rice.

So there. Heck, they’re a great source of energy and nutrition, and the unrefined, low GI options like brown rice, sweet potato, wholewheat pasta and wholewheat bread are great.

Carbs can’t be evil,
can they?


Let’s hear it for crispy roasted potato wedges and steak house cut chips. For fragrant brown and wild rice. (For rice pudding, too.) For steamy, fresh, brown bread with a crunchy crust.

And for a gorgeous bowl of risotto in winter, which is just what the dietary doc ordered. Try this very tempting Pea, Mushroom and Bacon Risotto.


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