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The Art of Leftovers.


Oh, no – look at all these leftovers from the big Sunday lunch. Were you catering for a wedding, or a family of four?  And now you feel guilty, right?  Because you know they’re probably going to sit in the fridge and grow limp, soggy, mouldy, dry or – eventually – furry. And then you’ll throw them away. That’s very naughty. Don’t do that. Instead, do something clever with leftovers for a change.

Too much chicken? Leftover roast chicken makes wonderful risotto (or something just as good – you really don’t need arborio rice) and you can throw in other fairly-fresh leftovers like onion, peas and carrots, or the mushrooms from a leftover salad.

“I’m too lazy for that!”

That’s okay. We’re not judging. Maybe just do chicken & sweet chilli / mayo toasted sandwiches or a crunchy, spicy chicken wrap? Add a mound of golden baked chips, and you’re in heaven.

Pies Are Perfect.

If you have enough leftover cooked meat or fish to make a pie, make one. A good old pie is so much easier than it looks.

Whatever you do, be clever with leftovers.

Just add onion and mushrooms, a white sauce and a puff pastry topping.  You can buy frozen puff pastry – we won’t tell. Clever trick: keep a roll of it in your freezer.

Lamb: Mince it up and make a shepherd’s pie.  Here’s an easy recipe to get you started.

What about leftover wine? Ok, maybe your love of wine ensures that there’s no such thing as leftover wine in your fridge. But if there is, freeze it in an ice cube tray and use the cubes in your next stew. But don’t let it sit in the fridge until you decide it’s undrinkable, and have to pour it out.

Whatever you do, be clever with leftovers. Your brownie points are in the mail.


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