Harvesting potatoes

Meet Joe. King of the potato field. Giant of the Groblersdal community. Man of the land – and master of it.

Joe’s been farming since he was just a lad. At 19, he rolled up his sleeves and started turning the soil on his father’s farm in Limpopo Province, and he’s been going at it ever since. Joe’s been in the game since 1976, in fact, and in his 21 years of farming potatoes, he’s learnt a thing or two about this crop. Chiefly, that ‘boerdery is nie maklik nie.’

That’s for sure. It takes the spirit of a marathon runner. Resilience. Acceptance.

Hy wil nie gejaag wees nie.

With a deep determination and a bottomless well of patience, Joe gets a lot done – but he does things in his own good time.

Hy wil nie gejaag wees nie,’ confides his wife Annemarie, who offers a few clues about this reserved man with kind, emotional eyes. A face etched with smile lines.

Joe’s a farmer who stays young by being genuinely interested in the young people who flock to him for conversation, advice, and more often than not, to laugh so much that it hurts.


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